I offer that the 21st will be the most melancholy century ever in human history. Future gens will either (a) wonder how we could be cringey of so many petty things, if the humanity have successfully harnessed the forces we are currently fear of; or (b) wonder how we could be ungrateful of the grace of God with rebellious thoughts, if they have instead been defeated and domesticated.

啃了一口的苹果可以打包带走吗?——Apple 数据导出功能观察 https://type.cyhsu.xyz/2023/03/pommex/ syndicated on SSPAI at https://sspai.com/post/78817

I have no idea what hostility VSCO holds against its Android users that makes it decide to use low res thumbnails THROUGHOUT the editing process…

http://ascii.textfiles.com/archives/5509 I can understand the attraction of Discord but as a policy for myself I simply refuse to use any product of which Discord is the only channel of discussion or documentation. Statistically more often than not such product wouldn’t be sustainable and doesn’t worth your time.

Discord, or the Death of Lore ASCII by Jason Scott

Clicked play almost jokingly out of the curiosity how long I would be able to bear with a genre so far stretched from my aesthetic orbit, but, idk, ended up with a full 2hr watching session behind me. Except for the overcharged comicality in certain scenes, which is permissible considering the film’s comic origin, I was awed by its success in combing through the entanglements and covetousness without going sensualist, all under a theme that’s almost stamped indecency. The flow of emotions is so measured and gestures so reserved that it’s hard not to think of the Stevens in “The Remains of the Day.” https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7637350/

It’s hard not to be persuaded when a blogger you once admired quasi-vanished for six yrs and returned with a book even though the title and preview chapters seem bland. https://waitbutwhy.com/2023/02/last-six-years.html Love the quote from the comment under the ACX review (https://astralcodexten.substack.com/p/book-review-whats-our-problem; paywalled) — “people like [Tim] [U]rban [] are propagandists for common sense.”

Book Review: What's Our Problem? astralcodexten.substack.com

Intended to write something re homebrew; instead have been reading about pkg mgmt for the majority of the week…

Unsolicited monitization idea for AAPL: for each Fitness+ session, provide the list of the Nike sneakers worn by trainers as what’s already being done for the music (which I never really care). I’ll definitely tap and probably buy.

Much negativity as expected, but two add’l observations:

  • With ~30k reads & 100+ cmts, not a single tried to poke at the front I care about most by writing this, i.e., whether my amateur application of the psychology theory (SDT) is correct; every detractor insisted that I was the problem (which I accepted at the very beginning);

  • It’s risky to discuss your fragility online; the more mundane & common such fragility is, the more attack will be from those who find themselves implied.


放下 Apple Watch,放弃一种叙事 - 少数派 少数派 - 高品质数字消费指南

Dealing with the command line can be exhausting and taking complete operational notes tiresome, but you can at least do your future self a favor by simply dumping the relevant browser and shell history.

Temporarily settled on a self-hosted instance of microblog.pub for impulsive shouts and murmurs, after surveying other options including Mastodon (too resource-heavy) and Pleroma (lightweight but still more fiddle-y than expected). microblog.pub is strictly single-user-only, has a charming, brutalist design that pairs great with <type.cyhsu.xyz> while is still mostly compatible w/ Mastodon’s vernacular. The only major imperfection is the lack of S3 support for attachments (which is bearable b/c img embedding w/ markdown syntax is supported). A quick research finds the project maintained since ~2018, active, and healthy. Recommend.